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Murph Charters, with over 30 years of fishing experience on Lake Erie, guarantees to make your time safe, fun, and exciting.

Captain John Nekoloff, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, will make your day of Lake Erie fishing a memorable occasion .

Come experience some of the best fishing Lake Erie has to offer aboard a fully rigged 27ft Grady White Sailfish. .

Why Go Fish?

Practice makes perfect

So what's so great about  fishing?

It is, in fact, the one sport in the world where someone who takes the time to learn some small things, and practices them can compete equally with anyone else, regardless of sex, age, weight or size. Fishing doesn’t require extra athletic ability, vast amounts of additional working out, or the perfect body or youth.

One thing I love about fishing is that it tends to bond families if everyone takes part.

Husbands and wives and kids can all do this on an even footing, little sister might just catch something bigger than Dad did, and that is a positive thing. Spending time together, being on equal footing for that particular period of time has some very positive benefits to the family. Nearly every family I’ve seen begin fishing together, assumes they will hate it, and ends up wondering why they didn’t do it a long time ago. Even the most finicky female teenager is excited when hauling in a huge bass and posing in front of the camera with her catch.

Want to get closer to your wife and kids? Spend some quality time with them, teach them a love of the outdoors?
Take them fishing and you’re going to find out, exactly what it has to offer.

Fishing Links

    This list will provide you with fishing information in Pennsylvania, Lake Erie and tributary waters.